Free Repair Estimates

Schedule an appointment at one of our 3 Austin area locations and a professional appraiser will give you a free written repair estimate.

Paintless Dent Removal

All Continental Collision locations have technicians who specialize in paintless dent removal (PDR) and repair. In many cases our hail repair specialists are are able to restore your car to pre-hail condition without repainting the vehicle.

Insurance Claims

We work with nearly all of the major insurance providers. Each Continental Collision location has estimators that specialize in managing insurance claims from specific agencies. Our goal at Continental Collision is to make your insurance claim and repair experience as stress-free as possible.

Computerized Frame Repair

Your vehicle was manufactured in compliance with tight structural standards.  Exact location and fit of integral parts are critical to the operation and appearance of your vehicle. In this process we measure your vehicle against published factory specifications and return your vehicle to within the manufacturer’s prescribed tolerances to insure proper operation, location and fit of body and structural parts. Continental Collision has utilized Car-O-Liner specialized frame equipment for many years. The Car-O-Tronic measuring system ensures that your vehicle is restored back to factory specifications.

The Car-O-Tronic system is an important addition to our body shop facilities. Car-O-Tronic is a computerized measuring system supporting the entire repair process from initial damage analysis and assessment to final checks and documentation.

The system is backed by the world’s largest vehicle database and is fully compatible with our jig alignment system.

Using a photo based measuring system, actual vehicle photos allow us to precisely and quickly target the correct measuring points. Damage areas can be measured at any time during the repair process. The reference points to be measured being displayed graphically on the computer screen during the straightening process of frame repair.

Finally, a print-out can be produced certifying that the vehicle is accurately repaired, available to the insurance companies and all of our Austin, Texas frame repair customers.

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